I work from a private studio, in Kingston, NY.

Vegan ink.

For booking or questions, email–zach at tattoosbyzach dot com.

Covid protocols: I ask clients to wear a mask (which I will provide, if needed), and I wear two KN95 masks; I have two large air purifiers running and windows will be open. Please eat beforehand to minimize mask-off moments, but feel free to bring a beverage. I apologize if this is an inconvenience, but I want my shop as safe as possible, and would rather err on the side of caution.

Rate: My rate is $100 per hour. This is for inking time, I do not charge for prep or marker drawing. $50 drawing deposit deducted from final cost of tattoo.

If I am doing a guest spot at a different studio, the hourly rate may be different, determined by that shop’s rate.


• Wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the tattoo area and gives you the privacy you need. For instance, tank tops work well for upper arm pieces, a backwards button-down shirt is handy for a back tattoo. Do not wear anything that will chafe the tattoo when it is finished. Depending on where the tattoo is, it may be a good idea to bring or wear some loose-fitting clothes to leave in.

• Being well rested and well fed is always best on your tattoo date. Make sure to have some food in your stomach so your blood sugar is up.

• Avoid drinking heavily the night before so your blood isn’t thinned. Also, having a hangover during your tattoo can exacerbate any discomfort.

•Give yourself a good cushion of time around your appointment. Trying to cram a tattoo into a busy agenda can lead to stress and/or an incomplete tattoo.


Healing takes generally around 2 weeks, but can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Take off the bandage in 2-6 hours. After taking the bandage off, wash the tattoo with soap and water. Moisturize with unscented moisturizing lotion (no petroleum products) for two weeks. Always wash your hands before you moisturize. Moisturize as needed; when the tattoo feels dry. Do not use an excessive amount of moisturizer. Showers are fine, but warm rather than hot is better, especially during the first few days. Indirect water rather than direct spray from the shower head is better. Do not soak during the healing period. Do not listen to other peoples’ aftercare ointment suggestions.

I look forward to seeing you.